ShowEntries is pleased to offer affordable, effective online entry forms to AKC clubs for obedience, rally, scent work and field trials.

With offices in Frederick, MD and Greer, SC, we also offer show secretary services for obedience, rally and scent work trials. We will work with you to provide the convenience that your club and your exhibitors expect.

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Why offer Online Entry?

  • Exhibitors appreciate the convenience of doing their entries online, along with the opportunity to preview, make corrections, and print a copy. No need to write out entry forms, search for stamps and envelopes, and hope the entry arrives by the closing date deadline. Exhibitors also appreciate the flexibility of being able to pay via credit card.
  • Clubs have a custom entry form with the club logo, complete information on the trial classes, and the option to handle pre-orders from exhibitors.  Clubs can then receive additional entries submitted in the final days before closing. Without online entry, your exhibitor could miss out on the chance to be in your show.
  • Trial Secretaries appreciate receiving an entry form which is both completely legible and complete with all required information, jump heights, and valid classes.
  • Treasurers appreciate not having to process, reconcile, and deposit checks, and deal with the occasional returned check. Online payment funds are sent to your bank the next day. Payments for entries cancelled in a timely fashion can be refunded to the exhibitor through the same payment service, eliminating the service fee. There is no need to write checks for refunds or deal with bounced checks.

Online SmartEntry™ Form 

  • Using your information, we will configure and host a SmartEntry™ form for your trials. Your form will be customized with your club logo, your fee schedule, and you may include selection choices for pre-orders such as a catalog or lunch order if desired.
  • The online form can include a QuickEntry™ list, showing the dog and owner information your trial secretary already has on file. The exhibitor can simply select the dog to be entered, with no need to re-enter the details. Exhibitors love this time-saving feature!
  • We will also configure and host a navigation and landing page, which will come up after completing an entry or payment. This is to give exhibitors an easy way to select the next page they want to visit (another entry, your trial information page, or perhaps a deferred payment).
  • Annual maintenance includes any updates for each subsequent trial weekend.
  • For online payments, you will need a payment provider. Stripe is integrated with our online entry form. There is no additional charge to your exhibitors over and above the stated class entry fees.

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Show Secretary Services

  • We also offer full and “Box” (back office) Trial Secretary services at affordable rates. We can prepare and email your premium list, handle entries, prepare the judging program and catalog, prepare judges books, officiate at the show, prepare results, certify and submit the scored catalog to the AKC, and post results on the website.
  • All documents are reviewed with the Show Chair or club officers for approval before release
  • We have experience with more than 350 trials and can provide excellent references

Show Announcement List  

  • We maintain two email announcement lists with over 1,000 obedience and rally exhibitors. The lists are used to announce upcoming trials for our clubs.
  • Exhibitors may elect to receive show announcements for the southeast region or the mid-Atlantic region.


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