Secretary Assistance

ShowEntries is looking for colleagues to help out with on-site secretary work at trials in the mid-Atlantic region. We offer “box trial” services – where we take the entries and prepare all the paperwork – but some clubs are also looking for a relatively local person to come onsite to do the secretary work at the trial.

This would involve such tasks as:

  • Distributing the judges books and armbands to the ring
  • Collecting the completed books, posting the results, and transcribing into the scored catalogs
  • Handling transfers
  • Preparing the trial report to be sent to the AKC

Compensation would be by arrangement with each club, and would typically include a modest per-diem fee plus travel expenses for mileage.

Previous experience as an obedience, rally, or scentwork trial secretary would be appropriate. Several trials are in the planning stages for 2019 at various locations.

If you are interested, please get in touch via email.

Chris Brooks, ShowEntries.