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ShowEntries.Info maintains an announcement list of more than 1,500 obedience and rally exhibitors in the southeast United States. This list is used to announce upcoming trials for independent AKC obedience and rally clubs in NC, SC, GA, and TN.

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Email addresses will not be sold, shared, or used other than for show announcements.


AKC Clubs in the southeast who use our online entry forms are welcome to use our email announcement service at no charge.

By way of background, this exhibitor distribution list has grown through cooperative efforts of several clubs at various times in the past few years, including the Greater Columbia Obedience Club; Obedience Club of Asheville; Charlotte Dog Training Club; Obedience Club of Chattanooga; Dog Obedience Club of Greenville; Atlanta Obedience Club; 4-Paw Agility Club of Northern Georgia, and Nashville Dog Training Club. At this point, the list covers a substantial group of exhibitors.

  • There is no additional cost for a club to participate, however, a club must provide its most current list of exhibitors who have requested to receive premium lists — including email address, first name, and last name — usually in the form of a spreadsheet or delimited text file.
  • Distribution list mailings are limited to premium list announcements for non-superintendent AKC clubs in the southeastern United States (SC, NC, TN, northern GA). Occasionally there will be information and upcoming calendar announcements of general interest to exhibitors.
  • The frequency of mailings will vary according to the trial schedules of the participating clubs, but rarely be more than one every week or two.
  • The list is strictly secured and managed by the ShowEntries.Info administrator. Exhibitors and outside companies cannot access the list in any way.
  • The list will never be sold or used for any other purpose.
  • A club may send a PDF premium list in the announcement email; or simply make an announcement and direct exhibitors to download the premium list from the club website
  • A club may send a custom message as part of the announcement text, and may include links to the club website.
  • Exhibitors may elect to receive announcements for one or more specific states, including nearby clubs in bordering states, or for all of the southeast

Exhibitors can remove themselves from the list through self-service at any time if they wish, and can change or add another email address to the list themselves.